DDM63/DDM66 Thermal Imaging Camera

For the Power Grid, we offer Thermal Online Monitoring System that enables Real Time Monitoring which can monitor the operation of Sub Station, with the features of Automatic Warning, Real - Time access equipment false state information, meanwhile generating corresponding temperature change statements.


 In the system, Thermal Imaging Camera collects infrared images and constantly measures the surface temperature of the monitoring equipment.

 Through PAL Video Interface, RJ45 Interface Transmits Infrared Images and temperature data to Monitoring Host.

 The users can observe the operation of the equipment in real time, and meanwhile the monitoring host can compress the temperature data and send it to Local Area Network through internet so as to realize real-time monitoring.

 With the feature of Automatic Inspection, users do not need guard.

 With the feature of Automatic Warning, it will provide automatic alarm once finding the target equipment temperature anomaly, and indicate the person's specific position information, so as to immediately remove defaults.


  Array Size: 384 X 288/640 X 480
  FOV: 16° X 12°
  IFOV: 0.88 mRad
  Thermal Sensitivity: Industry Wide Best
  Temperature Measurement Range: 20°C to 180°C
    (Extended upto 600°C)
   Zoom: 2X, 4X

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