Thermal Imaging Cores

DarVi DT-MTC Series

DarVi ("Vision In Dark") thermal imaging cores DT-MTC Series offer excellent features and compatibility, making them well-suited to many thermal applications.

DarVi DT-MTC series is developed with advanced Shutterless technology, providing silent & continuous thermal live video without any interference. These Thermal Cores are ultra-light weight, tiny size, and have super low power consumption, TEC-less technology.

DarVi DT-MTC Series thermal imaging cores are convenient to be fixed directly in existing system, and also ideal core to be integrated with thermal night vision systems, driving vision enhancements, thermal sights, security and surveillance products and more.


 Day/noght 24 hour operation capability in adverse weather conditions

 Ability to see through dust, smoke and other battlefield obscurants

 Enhanced situational awareness, silent watch capability

 Upgradeable enhancements

 In service on and adaptable to a wide variety of combat and tactical wheeled vehicles


DarVi DT-MTC Series

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