NVS 3

DTI-021 Infrared Camera is a professional thermal imaging for medical application. Utilizing advanced detector, can take crisp thermal imaging for flowing crowds with accurate, non contact, non invasive methodto visualize skin surfacetemperaturedifference, which is the ideal instrument of the frontline of defencefor government andcorporation in public and private sectors.


 New generation high performance IR detector, 160 x120, pitch 25 µm

 Crisp thermal images

 Bright 3.5 Color LCD

 50 Hz Real-time Imaging

 High accuracy, +/-0.6oC

 Automatic search and alarm

 Non contact monitoring

 Detector type Focal Plane Array(FPA), Uncooled Microbolometer

 IR resolution160 x 120 pixels

 Pixel pitch 25 µm

 Spectral range 8-14 µm

 Field of view (FOV) 21ox16o/0.15 m (standard lens)

 Spatial resolution (IFOV) 2.3 mRad (21ox16o)

 Thermal sensitivity(NETD) Industry wide best

 Image frequency 50/60 Hz

 Focus Manual

 Display 3.5" color LCD



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