Mobile Surveillance Systems


The Mobile Systems PRITHVI-SS is autonomous thermal vision systems for surveillance and security of terrestrial, river and coastal areas.

   The following main tasks by means of the Mobile Surveillance Systems are accomplished:

 Secret surveillance of the state borders for intruders, crimes and other violations in the border areas .

 Measuring of distances to the targets (up to 20 kilometers) during the surveillance .

 Reliably recording of all the gathered information on Digital Video Recorder.

 Implementing reliable and regular communications with the Border Police Headquarters when actions for      detection and detention of intruders of the border regime are realized .

 Automatic visualizing over a digital map to the marked target .

 Automatic target acquisition .

   The systems are based on duty - proven off - road vehicles.

The standard equipment can include: a surveillance system (IR camera, color CCD Camera, LASER RANGE FINDER, gyro stabilized pan & tilt device, Digital Magnetic Compass,(GPS),a radar station, a system for processing the radar information, UHF radio apparatus and more.

The operator´s control and managing of the sensors and the technical means for communications are carried out from separated comfortable operator´s places¸ situated in the rear compartment of the vehicle.




The integrated systems for monitoring and security of the frontiers provide all the necessary equipment for marine and terrestrial operations-to detect, identify and track marine vessels and ground vehicles, illegally passing in the areas of the irresponsibility.

The main functions of the integrated systems are:

  Monitor, Detect and Track people and vehicles, Illegally entering the areas of strategic sites or performing other offenses, detect signs of preparing breaches.
  Control and Monitor effectively the territories belonging to the countries.
  Increase the efficiency in the Detection and Interception of Illegal Immigration and all types of contrabond.
  Increase the level of Security and provide Excellent Protection against Piracy and Rescue (SAR).
  Include a Reliable Communication System for data exchanging, Real Time Transmission of commands and video stream.
  Take appropriate and adequate counter measures.
  Manage the accumulated database.

TAK Designs and Integrates the following equipment of the systems:

  Fixed Surveillance Posts FSP
  Electro-Optical Equipment
  Radar System
  Administration and Management Software
  Perimeter Alarm Security Systems
  Local Protection System and Access Control System
  Center for Monitoring and Control

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