DT4 / DT8

Newly released DT4 | DT8 series, using a new ergonomic design concept, are one kind of handheld IR Thermal Camera designed for Electric & Industrial Observation with pixel of 160 X 120 / 384 X 288. DT4 | DT8 will give a fusion display with the 3 million pixel daylight image and IR thermal image through a convenient 3.6" touch screen at your fingertips.

DT 4 | DT 8 cameras can quickly download the records & images, then import them into the infrared analysis software in which all reports can be made and established by their own WORD report templates in completing all of the images and data analysis.


 Application in Power Industry

  • Clamps & transmission equipment detection
  • Power transformation & distribution equipment detection

 Application in Technology

  • Temperature distribution measurement
  • Temperature change analysis
  • Temperature differences judgement

 Application in Construction

  • Water stain damage, Insulation trouble, Radiators and pipes

 Application in Electrical and Mechanical Industry

  • Components malfunction
  • Insulation failure
  • Loose interface detection

 New Energy Application

  • Measurement of LED chips and lights temperature and cooling process
  • Detection of Solar components hot spots, solar cells welding process, inverter and circuit
  • Analysis of high and low temperature distribution, temperature uniformity and differences in manufacturing


DarVi DT4 / DT8

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