IR-6 On - board Long Range Pathfinder


DarVi's driver vision enhancer Path Find _IR provides the combat tactical-wheeled vehicle operator with increased drivers's vision capability, survivability and mobility during day, night and harsh enviornment. Improved situational awareness in visually degraded conditions provides critical force protection, continued mission prosecution and operational effectiveness.

Path Find-IR is comprised of two Line replaceable units: the detector module and the display & control module. It utilizes low-power, uncooled infrared detector, thermally compensated optic and 800 X 600 pixel active matrix liquid crystal display.


 Day/noght 24 hour operation capability in adverse weather conditions

 Ability to see through dust, smoke and other battlefield obscurants

 Enhanced situational awareness, silent watch capability

 Upgradeable enhancements

 In service on and adaptable to a wide variety of combat and tactical wheeled vehicles



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