Airport Fever Sensing Solution


 Full screen temperature measurement. Real time auto tracking hottest point.

 Multiple targets of abnormal temperature alarm synchronously.

 Multiple palette options.

 Intelligent temperature measurement: Automatic temperature correction can reduce the rate
    of false alarm.

 Intelligent alarm function.

 User can select alarm area. Minimum area alarm and combination of alarm condition settings are
     available. Avoids interference cigarette, hot water, light tube etc.

 Alarm response time, alarm temperature and sensitivity can be set in the system.

 Video will get recorded when alarm gets triggered. Using records, user can check and analyze.
    The system can upload the video to control center automatically.

 Emissivity, Distance, Environmental Temperature and relative humidity can be adjusted.

 All Systems can centrally controlled with network database. It can receive the alarm image
    and video from all the station by manually or automatically.



  Uncooled FPA (Focal Plane Array) 384 x 288/640 X 480 pixels
  High definition CCD Camera Resolution up to 600 TVL
  Long distance non-contact test Easy and Safe
  Intelligent Temperature Measurement with target surface     Temperature Automatic Correction
  Automatic Correction: Built-in black body and High Sensitive     Sensor
  Detector Type: Poly Crystalline Silicon Uncooled FPA
  Temperature Range: 0° C to 60° C
  Spectral Range: 8 to 14 µm
  NETD: Industry Wide Best
  FOV: 24° X 18°
  Focus Type: Automatic/Motorized

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