Cooled Thermal Camera


   DCM 0036F

Our Border Marine Security Surveillance Cooled Thermal Cameras ensure observation in total darkness, fog, smoke and dust. The FPA is cooled, based on latest HgCdTe technology, working in the spectral diapason from 3-5 µm. With its unique design the camera is compact, ergonomic and reliable.


DCM 0036F


  Detector Type: HgCdTe Cooled FPA

  Spectral Range: 3 - 5 µm

  Array Size: 320 × 256/640 X 480

  Pixel Size: 30 µm

  WFOV: 11.03° X 8.82°

  NFOV: 2.2° X 1.76°

  NFOV: 0.92° X 1.73°

  NETD: Industry Wide Best

  Focus: Auto/Manual

  Focal Length: 600/250/50 mm

  Human Detection Range: 20 Km

  Human Recognition Range: 3.5 Km

  Vehicle Detection Range: 9.2 Km

  Vehicle Detection Range: 30 Km

  Vehicle Recognition Range: 11 Km

  Aeroplane Detection Range: 45 Km

  Aeroplane Recognition Range: 17 Km

  Ship Detection Range: 70 Km

  Ship Recognition Range: 55 Km

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