DarVi Thermal Monocular DT-M16 is designed to meet tactical needs by allowing long range threat detection, identication. With light weight and hand held nature, it is easy to carry whenever necessary. DarVi DT-M16 offers high performance including continuous thermal video, video recording, and long-life operation. It is ideal device to offer the ability to see more and see farther through darkness, smoke, light fog and foliage, and well used for extended patrols, covert surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, and high-threat security missions.


 640 x 480 pixels

 Polarity adjustment

 Thermal video recording, photographing, output

 50mm|75mm|100mm manual lens available

 Compact & Rugged design

 3X Optical Zoom

 JSS - 55555




Thermal Imaging Cameras DOT SIGHT DARVI RDRS 120

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