Cooled Thermal Binocular


DS 039C

Compact hand held thermal binocular, widely used in 24/7 surveillance, capture and evidence gathering with shock, vibration and drop resistant features. Ideal choice for observing applications such as day-night surveillance, law-enforcement and tracking etc.


Fast Auto Focus, OLED Display, Photo & Video Record, IP67, Electronic Focus.


DS 039C


  Detector Type: HgCdTe Cooled FPA

  Spectral Range: 3 - 5 µm

  Array Size: 320 X 256/640 X 480

  Pixel Size: 30 µm

  WFOV: 9.1° X 7.2°

  NFOV: 2.3° X 1.8°

  NETD: Industry Wide Best

  Focus: Auto/Manual

  Weight: 3 Kg

  Human Detection Range: 7.2 Km

  Human Recognition Range: 2.4 Km

  Vehicle Detection Range: 9.2 Km

  Vehicle Recognition Range: 4.6 Km

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