Border Marine Security Surveillance



DS066-3-100/3-150 is developed by assembling un-cooled focal plane detector and the best lens. This model has been designed with detailed analysis to apply for thermal surveillance environments. By using ploy-silicon un-cooled focal plane arrays (UFPA) and self-developed real time image process circuit, it minimizes the difficulties on thermal imaging system development, shortens system developing circle. The model has been widely applying in systems such as border guard, coast defense and anti-smuggling etc.


DS 066-3-100/3-150


  Array Size: 384 x 288/640 X 480

  Pixel Size: 25 µm

  NETD: Industry Wide Best

  IFOV: 0.25 mRad/0.75 mRad |

       0.17 mRad/0.42 mRad

  FOV: WFOV 16.7° X 12.5°| WFOV 9.17° X  6.88°

  NFOV: 5.5° X 4.1° | NFOV: 3.67° X 2.76°

  Focal Length: 100/33 mm | 150/60 mm

  Human Detection Range: 3500 m|5400 m

  Human Recognition Range: 850 m|1300 m

  Vehicle Detection Range: 4500 m| 6900 m

  Vehicle Recognition Range: 1150 m|1750 m

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