DarVi HMM-3S | HMM-6S allow users to detect people, objects and incidents in any harsh environment such as total darkness, haze, dust, sleet, forest, grass, disguise, etc. turning night to day. The cameras are widely used in anti-smuggling, searching and rescuing by law-enforcement organisations such as armed police, coast guard, coastal defence, forest protection and defence applications.


 NETD < 60 mK

 50 Hz real time imaging, 4 sec to image

 384x288 |640x480 Pixels

 4 Hours Operating Time

 20mm Eye Relief

 IP67 Encapsulation

 Compact size, Lightweight, Rugged Design

 2X (Optional 4X with HMM-6S) Digital Zoom




Thermal Imaging Cameras DOT SIGHT DARVI RDRS 120

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